What Clients Say

It has been my privilege to coach clients from across North America and as far away as Australia, Japan and Taiwan. I focus on individuals and teams and also present small group workshops. Every coaching relationship enriches my experience.

When I started my coaching engagement with Fern I was struggling with self-confidence and felt “stuck”. Fern helped me to explore where my lack of confidence was coming from and suggested tools and resources to guide me into exploring my self-imposed limitations. With Fern’s help I came to realize that I needed to adjust my career trajectory to something personally meaningful without sacrificing my years of experience. Her approach was encouraging and sensitive, but at the same time firm enough to hold me accountable to my desire to change. As a result I feel I have the courage to seek new work opportunities that align with my values. Thank you.
D.E., Project Director, Strategic Policy and Planning
I am grateful for having had the opportunity to work with Fern. Her professional approach and patience were very much appreciated. Her professionalism and persistence in exploring issues and possible solutions was very valuable and will serve me well to enhance my career. Fern’s caring approach helped me develop an awareness of my personal values and how best to use them in my career development... This awesome coaching experience built my confidence and leadership capacity and supported me to contribute to the goals of my organization and also to enhance my career when opportunities arise. I highly recommend Fern's coaching services!
H.M., Team Leader
Fern’s curious and caring approach helped me develop an awareness of my personal values and use them to calibrate my own goals and expectations. Through her expertise as both a coach and a leader in the public service, she always knew which questions would help me reflect on my values as I navigated a new work environment. Her support and curiosity helped me develop a deeper understanding of my own needs and take steps to address them. This, ultimately, has helped me strengthen my leadership skills in an uncertain environment.
A.R., Executive Director
I found the coaching experience with Fern to be similar to an insightful conversation with an old friend who knew just when to probe or propose something to push you to the next level. I never once felt like I was participating in a scripted event or being pushed through a model. I found her easy conversation style and approach to be most welcoming. I enjoyed the experience immensely and would strongly recommend Fern to anyone seeking clarity and focus.
R.O., Executive Director
I am very grateful for having had the opportunity to work with Fern. Her kindness and patience were much appreciated at a challenging time in my career. Her focus and gentle persistence in exploring issues and possible solutions was tremendously valuable and will serve me well in my current position and beyond. I look forward to the opportunity to work with her again when I face new issues in work and life. Thank you very much indeed for your help, Fern!
J.H., International Trade Commissioner
I highly recommend Fern. She provided vital support in a pivotal and challenging time in my career, when I experienced uncertainty in a very complex environment. I consistently felt welcomed and helped. Fern seeks to understand situations and dynamics with professionalism and compassion. Her experience ... offers an ideal soundboard to reflect on what is important while addressing urgent elements in any given situation. By the end of our sessions, I had concrete strategies that helped me position and propel myself into a new phase in my career.
J.J., Manager, Strategic Policy and Planning
My experience working with Fern was change-making. With her support, I was able to surface a deeper, more important issue than the one I originally thought I wanted coaching on. It’s that ability to really look at myself that allows me to make change. Keeping things on the surface doesn’t work for me, and Fern was a thoughtful, kind partner in the process, asking the right questions, expecting me to be honest with myself, and supporting me to figure out what my next steps could be.
A.G., Manager, Service and Operations
Fern really had a way of making me think, to reflect further, to get to a place of “what action could I take?” or “what could I change next time?” or “what have I learned?” This is exactly what I had hoped to get out of our coaching sessions, and I got this and so much more! She was a joy to work with and I feel like I came out of our sessions with a bunch of new tools in my toolbox and a different perspective on some issues here at work that had precipitated me reaching out for coaching in the first place.
B.L.S., Manager
Fern was very good at helping me to focus and reframe concepts. I would see one side of a situation and she would ask questions that would soon get me to see other sides. She also provided useful suggestions and resources, which allowed me to take small, but effective steps to tackle big challenges. Her professional background, not just as a coach, but as someone who has worked in an executive capacity, allowed her to share insights that were helpful to me in my career path. When I'm ready to take the next step, I hope I have the opportunity to work with Fern again.
S.L., Director
I had the opportunity to work with Fern as I moved into a more senior role in my organization. Fern helped me clarify my goals for developing my knowledge, skills and approach to strategic planning, and brought me back to those goals throughout the arc of our work together. She provided the framework, guidance and excellent questions to enable me to access my existing knowledge and develop new knowledge and skills to apply to my work. The process built my confidence and leadership capacity and supported me to contribute to the goals of my organization in an effective meaningful way. I highly recommend Fern's coaching services!
R.C., MA, Director
Fern kept me on track and motivated me, even when a course correction or re-mapping of the plan was required. She was incredibly supportive and non-judgmental during all facets of the change process. Without a doubt I would share this as a recommendation to others!
G.N., Senior Executive Assistant
I appreciate and thoroughly enjoyed the coaching experience. Fern is enthusiastic, strategic and stayed focused on my goals. She suggested relevant exercises that helped me practice what I wanted to learn and shared many excellent tools and resources.
M.F., Accountant
I found Fern's insightful questions and quiet confidence a great assistance in both developing my own coaching skills and continuing a life-long journey of personal growth. Having never previously had the opportunity to work with an executive coach ... Fern demonstrated an excellent grasp of coaching techniques and created an aura of calmness during our coaching sessions.
D.T., Ph.D., CMC, College Instructor and Coach
As a coach myself, I was so thankful for Fern’s ability to coach me and keep my head focussed as a client. We had very clear goals at the beginning of our coaching session and although I thought they were a little optimistic, I also felt it necessary to accomplish them in a short period of time. By the end of our coaching session, I was so pleased to have achieved each and every one of them. I highly recommend Fern to senior and executive level leaders looking for someone to partner with them as they are stretched to achieve some impossible goals.
Y.M, Senior Manager and Coach
This class taught me more in 3 hours than ... previous classes (taught me) in 2 days. Way to Go!
C.W., "Find Your Balance" coaching workshop participant
...It happens to be one of the best investments I have made to my family and my business. However, mostly to myself. ... I was given the tools like never before. It truly changed my life in such a big way.
L.L., "Find Your Balance" coaching workshop participant
I wanted to thank you for being my coach .... Your candor, insights, and ability to challenge the status quo contributed a great deal to my success .... I always felt that you were truly listening and I really appreciated your time and personal commitment to the process.
M.M., Management Consultant
Fern has been instrumental in my decision to change the nature and subsequent success of my business. Her incisive questions and empathetic style led me to consider alternatives and goals with a higher level of self-confidence. I recommend her without reservation.
G.M., Registered Massage Therapist
Fern has enabled me to put practical strategies in place for dealing with stress and overload in a reactive environment. I've learned that it's ok to pause and consider the best response, which is not necessarily the instinctive response. I feel more balanced professionally.
P.Q., Communications Manager
Coaching helped me see the big picture. Sometimes you feel like you are in this tunnel and it is so hard to see the light at the end of this big long tunnel. When I had my coaching sessions with Fern, it wasn't like she gave me the answers....I had them... but she helped bring them forward in my mind which helped me climb out of that tunnel.
L.Z., Travel and Insurance Agency Manager
At a time of being overwhelmed with major life transitions, Fern helped me to break things down into manageable pieces and to focus on steps towards a positive future.
N.R., ESL Teacher
Coaching has given me more tools to use as I reflect on my professional life and make changes. It has also helped me identify concrete ways of creating balance and order out of the chaos that I used to feel!
K.M., University Dean
Engaging Fern as a professional coach has introduced me to the relevance of establishing realistic goals, to focus and be accountable. This has increased my business and brought more balance into my life. I now look forward to new challenges my business presents and see new opportunities arising. Thanks Fern, for your guidance and inspiration and showing me how to think bigger, aim higher and add to my success.
F.L., Real Estate Agent
While trying to sift my way through a more aggressive real estate market on the east coast, I managed to find Fern! With her guidance and support, I was able to make a major shift in my approach to business and to the overall changing nature of real estate. By listening and asking the right questions, she enabled me to move forward, to make decisions, and to 'leap' much more quickly then if I had tried to go it alone! Now I'm heading in a new direction with more focus and renewed energy. Thanks Fern! I look forward to reconnecting with you to coach me through the next phase--whatever that entails!
L.S., Realtor

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